Nyc Gum contouring

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Nyc Gum contouring |
Nyc Gum contouring |
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Nyc cosmetic dentist Nyc Gum contouring that will suit your needs best AT Find Us: Deals in ..... functional orthodontics for adults Functional orthodontics dna appliance for adults cost Dna appliance homeoblock for adults cost The Nyc Gum contouring involves new way to permanently correct sleep apnea and reduce snoring, straighten your teeth, and alleviate symptoms of TMJ disorder. The DNA Appliance works by widening the upper arch and the nasal passages, allowing more airflow to pass through. The lower arch can then move into an improved position. business name- Irene Grafman DDS - Smile Health Spa Street Address: 120 East 36th Street ,Suite 1F ,New York, NY 10016 Business Number: (212)532-5377 Fax# : (212)532-5371 Year Established: 1998 Primary Email Address : Hours of Operation: Monday 10-6, Tuesday 10-6, Wednesday 10-6 Social---