Creative Enzymes has long demonstrated expertise and reliability in development and establishment of biocatalysis systems. We provide products, services, and consultation covering every step in the whole process of a biocatalyst development, including the design, modification, expression, purification, production, and validation of specific enzymatic or microbial systems that catalyze the desired reactions.

The natural, green biological catalysts attract fast growing attentions for many benefits, such as sustainability, high efficiency, and little waste footprint. However, developing and setting up such systems could be challenging, given that the nature of these biocatalysts is distinct from traditional ones. Furthermore, maintaining a biocatalytic mechanism performing as a stable and consistent manner also requires engineering design and development on the whole system, in addition to the molecular biology and biochemistry techniques that are essential to start feasibility evaluation on the biological catalysts. Creative Enzymes presents the professional development platform for biocatalysts by integrating the expertise on molecular biology and protein engineering, and experience on development of industrial processes. Creative Enzymes has extensive partnership with academic institutes working at the cutting edge technologies of biocatalysis. This enables Creative Enzymes to provide the latest solutions and unbiased selection of the best products for our clients.
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