Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is one kind of metalloenzyme, it can be used in antioxidization, fight against senium and improve the immunologic function. Superoxide dismutase(SOD) can be used in health care food, cosmetics and beer, etc.
Synonyms: Superoxide dismutases; EC; superoxidase dismutase; copper-zinc superoxide dismutase; Cu-Zn superoxide dismutase; ferrisuperoxide dismutase; superoxide dismutase I; superoxide dismutase II; SOD; Cu#Zn-SOD; Mn-SOD; Fe-SOD; SODF; SODS; SOD-1; SOD-2; SOD-3; SOD-4; hemocuprein; erythrocuprein; cytocuprein; cuprein; hepatocuprein; 9054-89-1
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